Electric Hand Warmer


Winter is here, and with it, the chill that seeps into your bones. But what if you could bring a pocket of warmth with you, wherever you go? Introducing our state-of-the-art Electric Hand Warmer, designed to keep you cozy all winter long!

Imagine a hand warmer that heats up in just 1 minute, offering three intelligent temperature settings to suit your comfort. With a sleek, foldable design and USB charging, this hand warmer is perfect for home, work, or on-the-go. Plus, it’s safe, efficient, and easy to use.

Our Electric Hand Warmer is crafted with innovative graphene heating technology, ensuring you stay warm without the risks of traditional electric or water-filled warmers. Enveloped in soft flannel, it’s not just warm but incredibly comfortable to the touch, ideal for warming hands, feet, and even your stomach.

  • Rapid Heating & Intelligent Control: Heats up in just 1 minute with three adjustable temperature levels:

    • Red Light: 60°C
    • Green Light: 50°C
    • Blue Light: 40°C Choose the perfect warmth with a simple short press.
  • Premium Safety Features:

    • Utilises graphene to generate heat – no water, no electricity, zero risks.
    • Automatically lowers the temperature after 30 minutes.
    • Powers off automatically after 90 minutes for peace of mind.
  • Ultimate Comfort:

    • Soft, skin-friendly flannel material.
    • Perfect for hands, feet, and stomach.
    • Versatile use for work, gaming, relaxing, or even a lunch break.
  • Convenient & Portable:

    • USB rechargeable.
    • Foldable design for easy carrying.
    • Use it anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy to Clean:

    • Hand-wash or machine-wash without worry.
    • Durable, doesn’t shed hair, and maintains quality.

Don’t let the cold steal your comfort this winter. Elevate your warmth with our Electric Hand Warmer and enjoy cozy, safe, and portable warmth wherever you are. Order yours today and embrace the ultimate in winter comfort!

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